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Dalyan Channel

In the west of the lake named after Köyceğiz District is the district Ortaca. The lake Köyceğiz which is the largest lake in the province Muğla is 52 km square. The lake Köyceğiz and Dalyan channel are truly wonders of nature. The channel has formed little lakes meandering through reed beds rising to the height of 35 m. And thus is has turned into a natural labyrinth.

This mysterious a labyrinth takes us to the Mediterranean where sea water and fresh water mix. There’s constant water circulation from sea to lake and vice versa. This circulation prevents the channel and the lake from being polluted. The lake and the channel are very suitable for fish breeding.  Dalyan sea food cooperation (Dalko) with its successful Works on fish breeding and it’s by products and marketing, plays an important part in the flourishing economy of Dalyan.

The mixture of fresh and sea water gives seafood unique taste. That’s why the seafood in here is very delicious. Gedova, the lake Köyceğiz, Gevurbağı, Tütün and Eşek İsland are very much frequented places by boat tours because of their extraordinary views. Boğazağzı is accessible by boat from Köyceğiz and Dalyan. While travelling by boats through labyrinth like channels, you can enjoy the view of Rock Tombs and Caunos. Areas around the lake and the channel are home to various kind of plants and animal species.

There are more than one myth about the lake Köyceğiz and the Dalyan channel. According to one of them Miletos daughter Byblis falls in love with her twin (brother) Caunos. Upon this caunos leaves the city in disgrace owing to his sisters unreasonable and unacceptable love for him, and founds the city Caunos named by his name. Yet, Byblis waits ctying her heart out behind the city ramparts for days. And it’s believed that these tears with pus have formed the lake Köyceğiz and the labyrinths. That’s why the colour of the lake is green and the labyrinths whispers continually to us the tragedy of impossible love.

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