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Dalyan Natural Beauty

The effect of Mediterranean climate and valleys reaching into the coastlines from mountainous areas, the conditions of worphologyical structure decorated with canyons, rich vegetation have enriched animal speciesses. It’s possible to see every kind of reptiles, mammife rous animals and birds in the area.

Some of them are spotted turtles, tortoises, lizords with thorns, chameleons, little lizard with large fingers, hazer snakes, spurred snakes, vipers with horns, Broun bears, lynxes, humped camel, the ancester of domestic pig, roaders, black ders, fallow ders, mountain goats, read goats. It’s estimated that there are 180 types of birds in this region. Turaç, an important species of bird, lived in the area by the end of 1960 but later disappeared. Noleyon smyrneosis is one of the rare observed bitd specieses. 100150 pairs of them have been living in Turkey.

It’s estimated that 200250 pairs of cryle rudis are dwelling in Turkey. Other birds are sea eagles, fish eagles, red hawks, falcons, sparrow-hawks, flamingos, great cormorant, mallard drake, coots, and herons. These birds have been using this region as reproduction and dwelling zone. It’s possible to observe white storks which have been the symbols four region and also our lovable guests on pine  trees storks are immigrant birds.

Their average lifespan is 70 years. In this region lemur is very common which is vegetation of Mediterranean our region has rich flora, oak trees, bay trees, laurels, heathers, oleanders reeds are important ones. There are also calabrion pines, liquidambar trees, olive trees in the forest.

It’s estimated that in this region there are 700 types of phanerogams, pine needles and ferns. In agricultural areas citrus fruits, cotton, sesame, maize are grown and in Ortaga Karaburun town tomatoes, peppers, beans, green peas, lettuces, aubergine, etc. are grown in green houses. In this region plants which are important for our environment are citruses, autumn crocuses type of buckhorns, heathers, hyacinths, black colchicums, reeds. Around the Iztuzu  Sülüngür  Lake green (sea cherry bean) is a kind of moss.

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