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About Dalyan

In the southwest part of the Mediterranean region of Turkey is the city Dalyan, which is attached to the district Ortaca in the province Muğla. The city Dalyan is situated in the centre of a board and naturally beautiful delta. With these characteristics and also it’s rich history and culture the city Dalyan ranks among one of the paradise corners of Turkey. The dalyan River is a lagoon, which connects the Köyceğız Lake and the Mediterranean.

 The city is appropriate for that in the Eastern part of the channel, at times as Calbis was defined and in direct proximity and akes created, so that a natural labyrinth with 35 m developed for high reed. The natural mixture of fresh and seawater were favourable for this region. There for numerous…

Dalyan’s (large fisher network fastened with stakes) was set up guests. Who visit dalyan, has to opportunity different types of sea fruits suburb to freshly enjoy. Since the Dalyan channel and the environment are swam ply, also very many wild animal species live. The reed landscape, which offers an outstanding Workstation for bird observers, is under.


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