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Sultaniye Thermal Baths

These are at the slope of the Ölemez Mauntain southwest the Köyceğiz lake. İt will it selfin the soutces of welfare, sotiredly also it are, rest and as a feather spring to feel as easy. The source of welfare has different characteristics.

They know here mud cure or also a drink, ing cure makes that atemperature of 35C the radioactive content amond to 98,3. Based on the radon value the termal water assumes second rank in the world list. Skin diseases, respiration complaints, women mrs, rheumatism, eye diseases, complaints after the operation.

The Sultaniye sources of welfare takes the first place based on the mineral content. In Turkey and in the world the second place. The Sultaniye sources of welfare is attainable on the road toward locality Ekincik or with boats from Dalyan or Köyceğiz.

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